Henry Harvin TEFL Course Review

What is TEFL Course?

The full form of TEFL is — Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The course provided for the students who wish to have proficiency in TEFL is known as TEFL Course. One who completes the course of TEFL receives a certificate that works as legal evidence of their qualification. This qualification is needed for those teachers who want to teach English abroad.

With the help of a TEFL Certificate, teachers can –

  • Qualify for teaching jobs — Minimum requirement is Bachelor’s Degree in any subject and a TEFL certification.
  • Gain the required skills to teach abroad — A TEFL Certification helps you to prepare for teaching English, plan lessons for Foreign Language learners, polish your English Grammar and many more.
  • Stand out in job applications — Various schools prefer TEFL certified students more than non-certified ones.
  • Earn higher than others of the same profession — TEFL Certified colleagues often get better job placements in much-reputed schools while others get the only option to stick to the low paid ones.

Nowadays joining a TEFL Course has become a cup of tea for the people since numerous online courses are now available in the market that anyone can join from anywhere.

TEFL Course Review — There are various benefits of joining a TEFL Course. A TEFL Certified teacher will easily be able to do the following tasks –

  1. Teach the language skills of English — There are five major elements of language learning any kind of language other than the mother tongue. Such as — Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening and Pronouncing.
  2. Have a grip on English Grammar — Each candidate who will join the course, will gain the knowledge of English Grammar in its truest sense. He or she will easily be able to simplify the complex English Grammar concepts for the ELLs (English Language Learners).
  3. Plan interactive and engaging lessons for the learners — A certified TEFL teacher will have the capability to plan and deliver effective lessons to teach them in a productive manner.
  4. Manage the students and encourage them — TEFL Certified teachers will be taught how to cope up with the students and deal with the variety of behaviours. He or she would be able to maintain a welcoming environment for the students in the classroom.
  5. Come across different variants of learning styles — As a teacher, he or she is responsible to build the careers of the upcoming generations. Different students adapt different styles on the basis of their comfort zone and ability. It is the duty of the teachers to learn how to identify them.
  6. Build different types of study materials in the most effective ways — One who has completed the entire course of TEFL would be able to find, adapt and personalize and build a wide variety of text-based study materials for the benefit of the students.

It is not mandatory that only the teachers will get access to the course and get benefited. People who have chosen the profession of taking tuitions, parents who want to teach their children on their own, job applicants who have signed for interviews will also get benefited from the TEFL Course.

Henry Harvin TEFL Course review

Best institute for joining a TEFL Course — One of the most renowned institutes for joining a TEFL Course is none other than Henry Harvin Education. I bet you have come across this name if you have searched for the best institute for accomplishing a TEFL Course.

About Henry Harvin Education — Harvin, the name of the institute is named after ‘Mr. Henry Dunster’. Admiring his contributions to the education industry the president of the prestigious Harvard University, Mr Dunster has been honoured by the Henry Harvin Education by naming the Institute after him. This Institute is founded by Mr Kounal Gupta in 2013 (almost 8 years ago). The headquarters of Henry Harvin is at Noida ( In India) and San Francisco (In the USA).

Since then, this Institute has managed to rapidly improve itself more and more with the passing days. Since then, it has now successfully acquired its place in the list of top-ranked institutes in the globe.

Some of its achievements include –

  • 2017 — Recognized for being the 1st GST Course on 1st Page of Sunday Edition, Hindustan Times and Aaj Tak Channel
  • 2020 — Best Corporate Training Platform Award, The Entrepreneur
  • 2020 — Game-Based Learning Platform Award, BW Business World
  • 2020 — Game-Based Learning Company of the Year Award, Jury Member AICTE Chairman Dr Anil Sahasrabudhe
  • 2021 — Holds the laurel of being the best out of 5 fastest-growing Edtech startups in India, Higher Education Digest’s survey
  • 2021 — Company of the Year Award by Prime Insights Magazine

Henry Harvin TEFL Course Review — Since my childhood, I had no idea about what a TEFL Course is and how it is important. My family knew that the mission and vision of my life is to establish myself in the teaching — line. So, on a fine day, my maternal aunt ( who is a successful content writer by profession) suggested I join a TEFL Course from where I can receive a certificate afterwards, written evidence of my qualification. I did my research on it to know about it better before enrolling myself in a TEFL Course. Remember, it is very important to take your time and see which Institute will be the best for you. I came across Henry Harvin Education Company and I went through the details thoroughly. I found it fascinating when I learned that it is basically a 9 in 1 course where I can get –

  • E-Learning Access such as — Recorded videos, Games, Projects, Case Studies and many more
  • Guaranteed interview — Once I enrol myself in this course, the trainers would give me proper guidance to crack it.
  • Guaranteed Internship — One can easily get an internship offer from Henry Harvin or partner firms.
  • 100% Job Placement Support — Course students will receive job offers and assistance on a daily basis
  • Monthly Bootcamp Sessions — Bootcamp sessions are held every month to brush up on the concepts of the students.
  • LMS Portal — Get access to LMS Portal for receiving recorded sessions, home assignments and case studies.
  • Complimentary skills on — teaching young learners effectively, business English, Digital Technology in Classroom 2021, Complete resume writing

Seeing this I did not think much before hopping into this Course! I was ready to make the best out of this TEFL Course of Henry Harvin. The total duration of the course was 120 hours and it took only 4 weeks to complete it. The times of the batches are flexible enough so that they will not hamper your study time. I have the opportunity to attend unlimited batches for the next 1 year from the date of enrollment without paying anything extra.

After completing the course I have received AAFL Certified TEFL Course Certification from Henry Harvin. I am also aiming to get another TEFL Certificate from Cambridge by appearing in the Cambridge TKT Test. You also have the chance to attempt another exam in the UK to receive an additional certificate of Training Qualifications UK. Students also have the chance to become Microsoft Certified by taking the Microsoft Certified Educator Program.

The trainers of the course I had enrolled myself in were bliss. They are too much friendly, sweet and cooperative. After interacting with her for a couple of days I realized that she was really an experienced one (all trainers of this Institute have 10+ years of teaching experience). She had not only the proficiency about the topics but she also knew how to put them together in the most effective way.

Things I have learned –

  • How to clear the TEFL Certification Exam
  • Ways to understand the nuances of teaching English to non-English Speakers
  • Evolve and enhance my confidence in class
  • Nurture the most effective teaching skills and methodologies
  • In-depth understanding of learner’s psychology
  • Evaluate the candidates
  • Develop a unique and original lesson plan to teach the candidates.
  • Adopt effective class and time management techniques productively
  • Develop the capability to think out-of-box and innovative ways to connect with students

Conclusion — I have wholeheartedly enjoyed the whole learning experience of this TEFL Course. According to my opinion, no other institute can match the standard of Henry Harvin Education in terms of education as well as opportunities. The TEFL Course of Henry Harvin Education has blessed my life.

All thanks to Henry Harvin Education for rebuilding my confidence and upgrading my knowledge and my skills. It has given me the wings to fly higher and higher. It has made my path wide for getting my dream job!




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A mother who loves nature and is passionate about dance,fitness and food in that order

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